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Free Online Training Programme on Cyber Security

We are living in the 21st century with various digital gadgets, connected to the entire world through the Internet. From social media to online banking and financial transactions, maintaining digital records to online shopping and online classes, every thread of our lives are available on the internet. Through the connected world, we can easily pass on all information instantly, allowing us to work in collaboration and get desired information for personal and professional growth. Further, over a period of time and with the impact of COVID-19, this connected world and computer/smartphone devices have become a lifeline for all of us. However, these network connections leave our devices more vulnerable to damage and our information vulnerable to theft. Hackers and other nefarious characters can tunnel and gain access to our information and use it for their own purposes. Cyber and network security helps to solve this problem. In essence, everyone needs Cyber Security to safeguard his/her data and vital information.

In continuation to ‘Storytelling as Pedagogy’ online training course to teachers, now the Board is introducing another online training course on Cyber Security. The Course consists of a Webinar, Course material and Assessment by using Google Classroom. Webinar shall be conducted in 10 different languages for understanding this course better. These webinars shall be live streamed on YouTube channel of the Board, wherein the experts shall be sharing with you the details of the course and its nuances:

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Download, Circular No. :- Acad-52/2021 | Source :- Central Board Of Secondary Education Download

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