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With New age Public School (NPS) your children and you get the freedom to continue in the same school regardless of your position and location. The course is also beneficial for talented students, professional athletes and slow learners as the student can set the pace.

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Top Students X & XII 23-24


नर्सरी रजिस्ट्रेशन हेतु आवश्यक निर्देश (Limited Seats 2024)


(2022-23) Datesheet for Class "X and XII"


नर्सरी रजिस्ट्रेशन हेतु आवश्यक निर्देश (Limited Seats)


Term I (2021-22) Datesheet for Class "X"


Term I (2021-22) Datesheet for Class "XII"


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Education is a powerful way of change in the face of injustice, casteism and any kind of discrimination. It provides an opportunity to challenge injustice and suffering and create a future generation of compassionate, open-minded and principled citizens who can help lead us towards a better future. In line with the vision of its founder, Late C.L. Shah, NPS is committed to transmitting the heritage of Indian civilization and world cultures: the traditions, creations, achievements and ideals of the past that serve purpose in the present and provide hope for the future.

An Education Journey Full of Advertures

New age public school (NPS) Gadarwara offers opportunities for personalization and learning extension through small class sizes, clubs, competitions, programs, and interest groups. Students develop strong and engaging relationships with teachers who also serve as advisors, coaches, and activity leaders who encourage our students to explore their passion, their voice, and their thirst for life-long learning.


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Pre-Primary Pre-Primary

The school finds that children enjoy circle time or free talk that includes a variety of activities. For example, an activity called 'A Journey Through an Ocean of Thought' helps children increase attention and create a platform for creative thinking and expression. With their eyes closed, they go into space or forest. Later they express what they have seen mentally.


Introducing age appropriate tasks that help children achieve a sense of success. All-round child development that prepares children to acquire reading, writing and math skills in a more enjoyable way with less stress. An integrated approach to learning by providing diverse expressions such as dramatization, storytelling, learning by doing, exploring and experimenting with different mediums of art in the activity room.

middle MIDDLE

The middle school years are the best formative years in a student's life. It is therefore very important that every effort should be made to develop a love for learning and interest in the growing mind during these years. Students are also encouraged to participate in other extra-curricular activities like sports, music, arts and computers etc. to develop their all round personality.


Being a CBSE affiliated school, the school offers wide exposure with practical projects, sports, cultural activities, literary activities, excursions, computers and community service. The school provides hands-on experience to the students by taking them on educational tours such as thermal power plants, cloth factories, shoe making factories, solar plants, agricultural research centres, museums, laboratories, etc.

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‘AI For All’ – A CBSE, Ministry of Education and Intel India Initiative

On the occasion of the first anniversary of National Education Policy, The Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi launched “AI For All” initiative with the purpose of creating a basic understanding of artificial intelligence (AI) for every citizen in the country.of Read More.....


Free Online Training Programme on Cyber Security

We are living in the 21st century with various digital gadgets, connected to the entire world through the Internet. From social media to online banking and financial transactions, maintaining digital records to online shopping and online classes, every thread of our lives are available on the internet. Read More.....


Why Is the Sky Blue? Have you ever wondered why?

Why blue - not red, purple, ,orange or green ? In the middle of a bright, sunny day, the sky is usually a blue. It's all because of how the Sun's light reaches the Earth. If you see light from the sun hitting the ground it probably looks like plain white light. However, that white light is made up Read More.....

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

For those seeking admissions, an informal interaction will be conducted in which pupil and both the parents have to be present. The final decision of the admission committee will be binding. You can also Apply Online by Pre-Admission form of our School. Click Here For Admission
NPS considers parents as partners in the education process and parents are free to meet teachers, with prior appointment, as and when necessary. And due to Covid-19 We are going to provide Virtual Meenting with Parents
There are so many reasons to choose NPS! Please click on our NPS Difference Page to read more.


Few words about NPS

The New-age Public School, Gadarwara, Educational Institution is a CBSE affiliated owned and managed by L.K. Education Society, Gadarwara, with Late Shri C.L. Shah as Founder. The School was begun to meet the growing need of a good institution in and around Gadarwara, an Institution which aims to develop the head, heart and hand, The aim of school is not only to impart knowledge but also to create a proper milieu where in the spiritual moral emotional , physical, social, psychological and aesthetic faculties of the student will be formed and adequately developed . This School hopes to emulate the Gurukul pattern and synchronizes with the Modern Pattern of Education.

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Few words from our students

Rajeshwari Tripathi New New-Age-Public-SChool npsgadarwara Gadarwara

I am glad to be at this school. They have fun things to do at this school. I like their field trips. Some of the teachers take us to good places. I learned lots of things. This school is the best of all the schools that I ever went to. They have all kinds of things to do. My favorite classes are math & L-arts and others. The teachers are kind and loving.

Rajeshwari Tripathi | Student - X C

Shruti Sharma New-Age-Public-SChool-Gadarwara

They taught me that I don’t know. The school has the best activities in the world. They do lots of good activities at end of the school year. We have horizon buck store. That’s cool. They have new stuff this year. I am happy to be at this school. This is the best school ever. I am glad to be at this school.

Shruti Sharma | Student - XI Science


Some other things that I love about this school are there after school activities. One of the things is the cheerleading I am trying out for it so good luck for me. There are other things like kids that need extra help after school. I was in there two years ago and it helped me out a lot. The teachers here are great.

Unnayan Mishra | Student - XII Science

Vedika Yadav New-Age-Public-SChool-Gadarwara

They take extra time out of the day to help us and do things step by step with us for us to understand it. Everyone here is nice and kind and I have great friends. The rewards that they gave away to use for passing the tests are great I have won a reward a lot of times and that is all thanks to my teachers and my friends.

Vedika Yadav | Student - IX

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