"Ignorance of Rules is not an excuse"

1 Students must arrive at the school at least five minutes before the first bell is rung.
2 Every student must be present in the assembly held in the morning.
3 Students must go for a comeback from the assembly in proper line keeping silence.
4 As this is an English Medium school student should speak English to acquire good command over the English Language.
5 Besides text books no other books such as novel. comics, mobiles, Pen drives etc. are to be brought to school.
6 Students are forbidden to bring transistors, crackers explosives and other dangerous material to school. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against such offenders.
7 While leaving class room for P.T. Gamest etc. the student must move along corridors in a single file and in perfect silence.
8 No student is allowed to remain in the class room during the Games or P.T. or computer periods without permission.
9 Students must take part in co-curricular activities of the school. They must attend the activities of the school they must attend the activities outside of school hours when required to do so.
10 The School diary should be brought to school dairy to note down homework and other instructions given by teacher.
11 Diary should not be used to write notes.
12 Students must take responsibility of their articles School will not be responsible for the loss of money. books watch etc.
13 Every student should endeavour to keep up the good homes of school by excelling in good behaviour and polite manner both is and outside the school.
14 Personal cleanliness is expected from all pupils. The uniform must be clean and neatly pressed, shoes, polished, finger nails paired and hair neatly combed A student may be sent home for lack of personal cleanliness, long hair (for boys) dirty clothes and shoes conduct.
15 No student can leave the school premises during the school hours or during the recess, without the prior permission of the principal
16 Student from the class are not permitted to go another class room without the permission of the teachers. This rule is to be followed even when the class is not in session.
17 No student who fails for 2 years in succession will be kept in the school
18 No gold ornaments are allowed to be worn by the children. Article of great values are not to be brought to the school.
19 No gold ornaments are allowed to be worn by the children. Article of great values are not to be brought to the school.
20 The School does not hold itself responsible for injuries sustained by pupils while in school. However First Aid will be rendered immediately and injuries necessitating Hospital/ OPD Treatment will be attended without delay.
21 Pupils are required to behave politely and avoid use of indecent language or action injurious to the feeling of fellow students. teacher or others in the school. Any such behaviour indicative of hurting others caste or community will attract serious disciplinary action or even dismissal.
22 No student who shall indulge in any of the following practices viz.
(a) Spiriting in and around school building.
(b) Disfiguring, scribbling on walls, desks or otherwise damaging and school property.
(c) Smoking, gambling, use of drugs or intoxicants, rowdyism and rude behaviour, use of violence in any form, casteism and communalism use of obscene language, causing hurt to the modesty of others, playing truant during class hours etc.
23 Serious violence of the rules and regulations and the discipline of the school is punishable including removal or expulsion from the school. Such action will normally follow a written warning to allow improvement in conduct. 25. No collection for any celebration should be made without the prior permission of the principal for the days like Teachers day, Teacher's Birthday etc.
24 School fee is subject to modification.
25 Students using the school bus will be well behaved and maintain the principle of good conduct. Disciplinary action Will be take against those who disobey.
26 Attendance on national festivals such as independence day and republic day is compulsory - absence from the school on these days will be viewed seriously and will render a studnent liable for punishment
27 Students must not lend their library card to any other student to borrow books from the library. Library facilities will be withdrawn from students, misusing cards.
28 During extra classes or remedial classes students must come to school in school uniform. 31. Facebook or other social network ID is not allowed to the students this school. 32. 80% attendance is essential to appear in Annual Examination.
29 A pupil who uses unfair means during examination will be given zero in the subject and repetition of the same will lead to dismissal.
1 Attendance is compulsory for all tests and examination held during the year. No consideration will be given to absentees, except on medical grounds.
2 Subjects like Health and Physical Education (HPE), Yoga, Performing Arts & Crafts, Music, General Knowledge will also be graded.
3 It is the responsibility of students and parents to ensure that they do not miss any examination.
4 Requests for change in examination dates or timings shall not be entertained.

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